Answerbook is DoC's in-house online examination platform.
It was originally developed by Chris Novakovic and is currently maintained by Ivan Procaccini and Sergio Maffeis.

Answerbook offers a modern online examination experience for students, who are able to interact with a vast range of question types, including essays, code, flags and, of course, the classic multiple choice.

Markers have the possibility to mark vertically as well as horizontally (meaning question-by-question) and can leave comments justifying their assessment if they wish to.

Exam configurations are written through a Web Answerbook Generator, where module leaders can set up exam questions, start and end time, individual student extensions etc., and see the live preview of the exam they are writing.


Answerbook currently features the following:

  • ✅ Multiple question types
  • ✅ Customisable instructions
  • ✅ Individual extensions support
  • ✅ In-app timer during every exam
  • ✅ Customisable access control
  • ✅ Anonymised submissions